If you have been looking for a proven, low-cost method of attracting new clients, keeping current clients, and getting current clients to purchase more of your services…

Then I have the perfect solution for you!

Dear Local Marketing Consultants,

If you are provide marketing solutions to offline clients then I have a “Must Have” tool for your business!

I am not going to hype this up and or waste your valuable time here.


Let’s Get Right To The Chase!

What I have for you here today is a “Done-For-You” Newsletter that is branded with your company information that you can send out to your current clients and prospective clients each and every month.

This is NOT a template where you have to go in and write the content yourself. This is a fully prepared newsletter, jam packed with great content, tips, and strategies about how businesses can use online marketing to increase their business.

All you have to do is add in your own company name, contact details and logo and you are ready to go!

In just 5 minutes (or less) you have a professional newsletter to send out to your clients and prospects each month.

You get two different versions:

The first version can be saved as a pdf file and them emailed out to your clients.

The second version can be PRINTED and mailed out to your clients.
It’s your choice!


But Here’s The Best Part…

All of the articles in the newsletter talk about proven ways for offline business owners to grow their business by using online marketing, mobile marketing, etc. However, the articles DO NOT show them how to do it.

Of course, that is where you come in!

See, the entire newsletter educates business owners on the benefits of using online marketing (so you don’t have to) and then urges them to contact YOU to provide that service.

The newsletter works as an incredible selling device for your services!

How Our Newsletter Will Make You More Money:

Presells Current Clients On More Services

As I mentioned earlier, all of the articles in the newsletter teach business owners about the importance of your services, whether it be SEO, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Websites, etc.

Remember, none of the articles actually show the business owner how to do it and quite frankly they most likely have no interest in the technical aspects of it. They just want the big picture.

So in order to utilize the strategies we discuss in the newsletter they will need to contact you to have you do them. In fact, each article ends by telling the reader to contact you to learn more. So the whole newsletter is a very effective way to presell your clients on your services.

Increases Your Credibility

One of the biggest challenges for any Offline Marketer is proving that you are credible and can provide better results than your competition.

Well, by sending each of your clients and prospects a monthly newsletter that provides expert content on the subject matter will only cement their view of you as the “Top Dog” in your market. It will show them that you stay up to date on current trends and techniques for getting the most out of their online marketing.

Plus, how many of your competitors are sending out monthly newsletters? Most likely NONE!

Stay In Touch With Your Clients

The last thing any business owner wants is to hand someone a big check to perform marketing services and then rarely, if ever, hear from them!

Sending a monthly newsletter is an effective and easy way to stay in touch with your client base. It shows them that you are still here, you care about your customers and that you are focused on helping them increase their business to the fullest.

It is also a great tool to use during any sales pitch. Let them know that once they become a client of yours they will receive a monthly newsletter keeping them up to date on the latest trends and techniques businesses are using to get the most out of their online marketing.

Trust me, it can be a real difference maker and shows them that you are a REAL, LEGITIMATE business

Turns Prospects Into Clients

This is one of my favorite uses of a monthly newsletter. If you do any kind of networking, cold calling, or prospecting (which you should be doing) your monthly newsletter can be an effective sales tool. For example…

When cold calling I am sure you get plenty of “Not Interested” respsonses. Well, next time you get that response just say “No problem, but would you mind if I send you out a FREE copy of our monthly newsletter which includes some great articles about how to effectively use online marketing to increase your business?”

Pretty slick, right? And don’t foget, each newsletter is going to presell them on your services and has all your contact information on it.

Or if you are out prospecting at local business or at a networking event you can just simply ask them if they would like to receive your free montly newsletter. So now you have their email address and an open line of comminucation with them.

Send them out your newsletter and followup with a phone call several days later to make sure they received it and if they would be interested in your services. Sneaky, I know!

Showcases New Services/Special Offers

The last page of each newsletter is what I refer to as the “Offer Page”. This page allows you to insert a coupon for any of your services, a special offer for that month or to showcase any new services you are offering.

You can offer a free SEO ranking report to help show your clients how much they need your SEO services or offer 1 month of free Email Marketing to help show them the power of having a list of customers to email promotions to.  Either way, the speical offer page is designed to get people off the fence and to TAKE ACTION…and put more money in your pocket!

Use The Printed Newsletter To Get New Clients

Go to your local printing shop and have some of the newsletters printed and…

  • Pass them out at networking events
  • Ask local associations to include them with their own mailings
  • Leave a stack at the offices of accountants, lawyers,web designers, insurance agents, etc
  • And any other place that business owners go

Those are just a couple of the advantages that a monthly newsletter provides for your business.  I hope by now you see the power of having your own monthly newsletter. Let’s get into exactly what the newsletter looks like and how it promotes YOUR company.

Each Newsletter Has 3 Pages of Articles and 1 “Offer Page”

Front Page Example


Article Page Example

Offer Page Example

Back Page Of The Printable Newsletter

Printed Version

The last page also has a spot to insert your company’s logo and contact details. Remember, this newsletter is designed for you to send out as your own. There are no links to any other sites or providers. This is YOUR newsletter and is completey customizable to showcase your business.

OK, I am Sold…But How Much Will It Cost?

I am sure that by now you can see the incredible benefit that offering a monthly newsletter to your clients will have on your business.

But how much is it going to cost me?

Considering that offering a monthly newsletter can help you gain new clients, keep current clients and sell more of your services each month…

Considering that the entire newsletter is DONE FOR YOU each and every month…

Considering how much time you are going to save by not having to create the newsletter yourself each month…

I could easily charge a minimum of $197.

BUT…since we are just launching this newsletter I am going to give you a ridiculous bargain!

Check this out…

Your Own “Done-For-You” Monthly Newsletter For Just $47 Per Month!

However, since price is a ridiculous bargain and is obviously worth a lot more than just $47 per month, I retain the right to raise the price at any time.

So I would urge you to lock in your low price RIGHT NOW!

Let’s be honest…all your newsletter has to do is get you 1 extra sale per month to easily pay for itself several times over! For just $47 per month you really can’t pass up this offer.

Start Sending Your Clients Your Monthly Newsletter Today!

As a member you will receive a complete, done-for-you newsletter each month in Microsoft Word format.  All you need to do is add your own company name, logo and contact information.  Then just save the file as a pdf and email it out or take it to your local printing shop and have them printed and mail them out.  It’s that easy!

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Take  the Offline Marketer Newsletter For A Test Drive!
Order your newsletter today and send it out to all your clients and prospects and if it doesn’t help grow your business or if you just don’t like it, just let us know within the first 60 days and we will give you a full refund of your purchase price!

YES, I want to grow my local marketing business by providing my current clients and prospects with a professional newsletter on a monthly basis.

I will be charged just $47 per month  for as long as I am a member and every month I will receive a new “done-for-me” newsletter that I can brand with my own business details.

I can cancel at anytime by simply emailing support@offlinemarketernewsletter.com

Lock In Your Low Price Right Now

Just $47 Per Month (Cancel Anytime)

To Your Success

PS…I can not guarantee how long this discounted price will be available.  If you want to lock in your low monthly cost of just $47 per month you need to act now.

PSS…All your newsletter has to do is get you 1 extra sale a month to easily pay for itself several times over!  For just $47 per month you really can’t pass up this offer.

Usage Rights:

The only thing you can not do with the newsletter is to sell others rights to use it.  But feel free to edit it, customize it, list yourself as the author, give it away for free, offer it as an incentive on a squeeze page, whatever!